Project Update: June 2022

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Although official restrictions have eased, we will continue to use our monthly project updates to share information on key progress on our Enlli tidal project. We hope to be able to have more face-to-face meetings in coming months. Please contact us on the details below if you have any questions or comments, or you would like to discuss anything with us.

  • You can also keep up to date on the latest news and progress on the Enlli tidal project and Nova’s other exciting tidal energy projects around the world by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. For the latest news from YnNi Llŷn, you can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

  • We now have a bilingual website for our Enlli tidal project. The Enlli website which can be viewed at provides key information on the project. We will be adding more information over the coming months. Along with the monthly updates, we will use the website as a way of keeping everyone updated on key project progress.

Key Nova Progress

  • In June we appointed RSK to help Nova carry out the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Enlli tidal project. RSK is an engineering and environmental consultancy with a strong commitment to sustainability so is a welcome addition to the Enlli project team. EIA specialists at RSK will work closely with Nova’s environmental and engineering staff to assess the potential effects of the Enlli project on the environment, wildlife and cultural heritage of the area, as well as any socio-economic effects. We anticipate that the EIA will take around 12 months to complete. The results will be fully detailed in an EIA report which will be available to the public.

  • One of RSK’s first tasks is producing an evidence plan for the Enlli project to identify the information and data needed to carry out the EIA and to support applications for the consents that will be needed. The plan will identify how this evidence can be obtained, including whether it already exists, or if surveys need to be carried out. We will share details of the evidence plan in future monthly updates.

  • RSK will also build on Nova’s work to seek the views and input of local communities and others with an interest in the project throughout the EIA process. This is very important as the project and EIA will be much better if a wide range of views is considered. Opportunities to contribute will be shared in future monthly updates, or if you have any thoughts or ideas, please let us know using the contact details below.

  • As part of the Enlli project we are exploring the potential to take some of the power generated by our turbines to Ynys Enlli. We would only bring tidal energy to the island if it were something that the island residents and the Bardsey Island Trust want to see happen. After speaking to the Bardsey Island Trust we appointed a company to undertake a feasibility study to assess the potential. This work will be completed in July.

  • At the beginning of June, we completed two days of marine bird and mammal surveys in Bardsey Sound. These were in place of the planned surveys in May which couldn’t be carried out due to unsettled conditions. Another survey was carried out at the end of June. Limited vessel availability and unsettled conditions have meant the surveys have been carried out from the land over the past few months. However, we are very pleased to have recently found a local vessel based on the Llŷn suitable for remaining surveys over the summer (weather conditions permitting).

Key YnNi Llŷn progress

  • Wil from YnNi Llŷn is continuing to work with Ambition North Wales to explore opportunities for creating a Smart Local Energy System and supporting local decarbonisation and economic growth on the Llŷn.

Key activity planned for July

  • In July RSK will be starting work to support the EIA for the project.

  • Nova and YnNi Llŷn are keen to speak to anyone who has an interest in the project. Please contact Nova on 0131 241 2000 or YnNi Llŷn on 07500 894331