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Nova Innovation is developing a 500kW tidal energy project in the seas surrounding Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island).  

We are working with the local community to tap into this source of clean and renewable energy in a sustainable way. As well as supplying electricity to the mainland on the Llŷn Peninsula, the project could help to create a blue energy island powered by the sea. 

We are in discussions with the Bardsey Island Trust and island residents about the potential to take power generated by our turbines to Enlli. This could enable a thriving community to live and work on the island all year round. 

The Ynys Enlli tidal energy project will involve placing five of our 100kW tidal turbines between Enlli and the mainland. The turbines would be installed in phases, starting with a single turbine, with environmental monitoring at every stage. 


Key project stages and frequently asked questions about the project feature below. 

Key Project Stages

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Frequently Asked Questions