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Under development 
Bardsey Sound
Number of turbines
5 (in 3 phases)

At Nova Innovation we are passionate about transforming the power of our seas and oceans into clean, predictable energy. 


Our Ynys Enlli (Bardsey Island) project creates the opportunity to generate electricity from the tide between Ynys Enlli – ‘The Island in the Currents’ – and the Llŷn Peninsula.


As well as supplying power to the mainland, the project could help to create a blue energy island where Ynys Enlli is powered by the seas around its shores. This would enable it to be self-sufficient and remove its dependency on fossil fuels.

Nova’s tidal turbines have no visual impact on the landscape as the subsea turbines rest on the seabed and are hidden from view. The turbines work in harmony with marine wildlife and there are no dams or barriers involved.


Ships and boats can sail above them, and they are unaffected by storms.We are currently working on the environmental consenting and the design for installing five 100kW tidal turbines in Bardsey Sound.



Our partners include the organisations below and the local community in and around the Llŷn Peninsula.   ​
ERDF Small.jpg
Funding has been provided through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to support environmental consenting and engineering design of the project.   ​
Cronfa Small.jpg
Funding has been provided to create sustainable economic growth and jobs in coastal areas. ​
YnNiLlyn Small.jpg
A community energy group to promote sustainable local energy on the Llŷn Peninsula.​
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